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Why do we travel? What motivates us to leave the comforts of our homes to face the uncertainty of an unknown world? Why do we spend our hard earned money to go to places where no one understands our language; where everyone looks at us as if we’re from another world. Most of us want to travel but rarely does someone actually go in for this adventure. Is it the lofty quest to find happiness or is it just a way to avoid the mundane chores and responsibilities that form the foundation of a normal life? Whatever the reason, travelling is a way of life that only the hardcore would understand. It opens up wonderful possibilities. It teaches us things that can never be known  fully in the cocoon of our comfort zone. Travelling is a means not only to know the outside world but more than that it is a way to explore our inner selves.

My journey as a traveller began way back in 2010 when I went to south India all by myself. I was anxious at first because for the first time in my life I was at a place where no one knew me in the radius of 2000 km. Talking to strangers was uncomfortable initially because of the language barrier but eventually I found that the best way to communicate is through broken words, random sounds of disapproval or delight and of course, sign language. It’s a funny way of expression but I’ve learned that no matter what language a person speaks he can understand the tone of any language. At some places I even tried to learn a few phrases of the native language but ended up sounding like a fool because the accent was way off the acceptable levels of understanding. Nevertheless I learned about the culture of every place that I went. Better so than if I had the company of my friends. My inability to speak in the local language made me more observant. That is where I learnt that our eyes are the reflection of our heart. Our tongue can lie but never our eyes.

Coming back to the question of why we travel, every traveller will have a different answer. As for me, I believe that travelling is an intrinsic part of existence. Every soul is a cosmic traveller. Travelling inside this travel can give us a taste of what the real journey looks like. The quest is fulfilled when we realise that it was never about the destination; it was only for the experiences that we undertook this journey in the first place.

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The Happy Man’s Shirt.

Once there was a king. He was always sad and unhappy. No amount of entertainment, alcohol, women, wars or medicines ever made him happy. One night he had a dream. In his dream he was very happy for he was wearing a shirt which belonged to a happy man. The next morning he ordered his troops to go in all the four directions to find a happy man and to bring his shirt to him. When his troops returned after many many days he saw that all came back empty handed. He asked them the reason for returning empty handed. His troops replied,” Your majesty, we could not find even a single happy person. When we asked people if they were happy no one said yes. Someone said he was too short, other was too tall. Someone had no children, other had too many children to feed. Someone was too fat, other was too skinny.” The king was surprised to hear this answer. Suddenly one of the king’s soldiers who was late entered the court. The king asked him,”Did you find a happy man?” “Yes your majesty, I found a happy man”, said the soldier. “Where is his shirt then? I ordered you to bring me his shirt!!”, roared the king. The soldier replied humbly,”Sir, the happy man was so poor that he didn’t even have a shirt”……

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Less is More?

In the early 1990s there used to be only one TV channel in India – Doordarshan. There was always something interesting being broadcasted. As a young kid I waited for the Sundays to watch  Shaktimaan and begged my parents to let me stay up late so I could watch Alif Laila. Not only children but even adults used to watch these shows with equal enthusiasm. Now in 2010 we have more than 200 channels and most of the time we just cannot find one good show to watch. I know for sure that most of my TV watching time is spent scrolling through channels in a futile attempt to find something interesting. In the end advertisements prove to be the most interesting. Has it so happened that the opening up of options has led us to this stage? Is it really true that there is no show worth watching or it is just that when we are watching a show we feel that there is a better one running on another channel?
I know for sure that the standard of TV shows has deteriorated consistently but the real reason I think is with the number of choices that we have at our disposal. The more our standard of living rises the more demanding we become. We have become slaves to our own demands. Demands which neither end nor diminish. The kind of satisfaction which a Nokia 1100 could give us a couple of years ago even an iPhone cannot give us now. I fail to understand how a 60″ plasma TV can provide a higher standard of living than a 32″ flat screen TV. I am sure I can find a person who doesn’t own a TV who is much happier than a person who owns a plasma (oh sorry! 3D TV is the latest thing).
The question I ask is why is it that we give so much importance to things without which we are as (probably much more) happy as we are with them. Why is that the knowledge of the existence of a particular thing make us discontent? Is it better to be unaware of it’s existence at all? Is it why it’s said that ignorance is bliss? If the answer to this question is yes then why do we say that more is better?

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The power of Grey

I had been a proponent of extremes. Dark at its darkest and light at its brightest were the only true forms for me. I used to judge people as good or bad, idiots or intelligent, ugly or beautiful, moral or immoral. Never had I thought about mediocrity. The definition of a true friend to me was very close to the age old adage of ‘a friend in need is a friend indeed’. I was too arrogant and too inflexible to acknowledge that people are not true forms of black or white. They are grey. They can behave unexpectedly, in ways one can never imagine. Yes! Even the person whom you are thinking about can do so. It’s hard to believe and most of the times we just refute such statements because we don’t want to cause inconvenience to ourselves by thinking about the worst. We let ourselves drift into a comfortable cocoon lined with walls made of expectations. These expectations are the poison darts which cause us most of our problems in dealing with people and our desires. What gets us into trouble is not what we don’t expect; it’s what we expect for sure that just isn’t so. My experiences so far have taught me a lot. But still there is a lot to be learnt. It’s really very hard to break through these walls of expectations. Don’t know how Buddha did it. Practice maybe.

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Wassup World!!!

For those of you who know me must also know how inquisitive and curious I am about the world around me. The people, their nature, their strength, their weaknesses, their philosophy, their habits, the plants, the laws of physics, the mysteries of the universe and beyond, the past, the present and the future, the told , the untold and the ‘mistold’, the ideologies, the superstructures, the rich and the poor, the theoretical and the practical. Its really very interesting to know the cause and effect relationships between these. I have started writing this blog, in spite of not being a fan of written knowledge, to present myself an opportunity to put my views in front of the world, to critically analyze myself  and evolve in my thinking with the help of the inputs given by you all. I don’t know how many people will be interested in reading my philosophy, viewing the pictures I have taken and the poems that I have written, but those who take a few precious moments from their lives to look at my blog, I insist that they put forward their views no matter how harsh or mild they might be. Let it be a symbiotic relationship which will bring out the best in us.